Bruxism-soft vs hard night guards

Aug 12, 2022
There is no valid evidence that soft night guards should be fabricated for patients who grind or clench their teeth.

Soft night guards were originally developed for individuals who play sports for protection of their teeth. It is now known that soft splints will in fact ususally cause an increase in grinding or clenching. In addition, wearing a soft appliance can lead to changes of the patient's bite and lead to unwanted tooth movements. Patients will often ask if they can buy a night guard in a drugstore. The answer is yes but I do not suggest such a move. A night guard, if constructed properly, takes multiple office visits and laboratory workmanship. There are numerous detailed steps that are required to deliver a fine night guard for a patient. Cost should be the last factor when considering a night guard. If made correctly, you will be  saving your teeth and saving money in the future.